Circular construction and decoration panels made in Denmark

What we do

At Plazzo we granulate and heat-press locally sourced plastic waste and upcycle it into unique solid plastic panels that can be bought raw for further processing or finished into custom designs of your choice.

Danish design and production

Our panels are locally designed and handmade at our workshop in Hasselager near Aarhus in Denmark.

What our panels can be used for

Our panels come in various sizes and colors and can be routed and used for a wide range of purposes.
Flat or parametric wall decorations, tiles, table tops, chairs, shelves and lamp shades are just a few examples.
Pretty much anything that can be cut and assembled from plywood or other sheet materials can be replaced with our durable circular plastic panels for a unique and sustainable impact and expression.

Custom tasks

Our production is manual and handmade which allows us to take in unique and custom tasks. Share your idea with us and we’ll assist you in designing a product that suits your exact needs.

Include your own plastic waste

What happens to the plastic waste of your enterprise? How about including your own plastic waste into your customized Plazzo panels for increased circularity and great storytelling?

An enterprise with a vision

We are changing the perception of used plastic from a refuse to a material by turning waste into wealth locally in Denmark.
But our vision reaches further than that. Our long-term goal is to establish mini factories in local communities in developing countries, where in addition to increased environmental impact the presence of Plazzo upcycling units will give local communities the possibility to sell their plastic waste to earn an additional income.

Turning plastic waste into unique circular panels - Again and again

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