Recycling plastic in new creative and sustainable ways

Plazzo reuses plastic waste to make better and improved products with a touch of Danish Design and Quality. We strive to end overconsumption to make a more sustainable world 

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Plastic + Plazzo = Sustainability.

Today, there are 344 species affected from entanglement because of plastic waste in oceans. Species that vary from marine turtles and fish to seals and seabirds are entangled, and the quantity of plastic waste keeps increasing. Moreover, because plastic never breaks down, it has an increasingly negative impact on the environment and the ecosystems.

At Plazzo we are doing our very best of reinventing the purpose for the plastic waste into creative and beautiful products, whilst refinding its purpose. Plastic should not be in nature, it should be reused each time.
Plaz – Plastic. Zo – Terazzo. Plazzo. Reused plastic. A solution. Sustainability.

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Timeless Danish Design

The products produced by Plazzo are inspired from various Danish designers throughout history. Some of our beautiful panels are inspired by the Danish brand Royal Copenhagen who also make timeless pieces. The plastic material enables it to withstand bad weather conditions, and the wear and tear is minimized. In an effort to prevent overconsumption, Plazzo strives to make long lasting strong designer products that are timeless and aims to a more sustainable world.

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