Plazzo’s primary product is solid panels made from recycled plastic granules. We can make panels in dimentions of 1250 x 1250 mm in various thickness.

Our panels can be produced in various colors and sizes fitting the end product they are meant to make or replace.

There’s an endless number of possibilities our panels can be used for. Look around in your home or office. How many things are made from panels? Tables, shelves, window sills, lamp shades, tiles, wall decorations, the list continues…

For designers, architects and product manufacturers whom are already using panels in other materials for their designs, this is a great way of giving their customers an additional exclusive and circular option for choice of materials.


Our materials are designed to last, but at the end of their life they can be recycled over and over again, through local recyclers as well as through our buy-back schemes. This means that the plastics are constantly regenerated, which contributes toward minimizing plastic waste. We re-work them into new panels, closing the loop and ensuring the plastics can brighten someone else’s day in the future. A true full circle ecosystem, that protects our oceans.

Because there is no Planet B!